Friday, July 2, 2010

Stay Cool, Man!

As I am sitting gazing out at my amazing fire escape garden I am reminded of how lucky I am to live in the amazing city of New York. While these next few months can be really H-O-T in the city I am looking forward to getting used to using natural ways to cooling down.

Here are my TOP 5 tips on how to keep cool when the temperature is rising
Up! Up! Up!
1. Hydration- Keeping hydrated is super important when you are sweating like crazy in those all too comfortable un-air-condtioned subway cars!
Best ways to keep hydrated? Water! Drink water first thing in the morning before you even eat anything- for an extra bonus, even on hot days, heat it up in a kettle and put some lemon in it to really kick start the digestive system.
If you are really exerting yourself by doing awesome things like playing outside and find yourself dehydrated, forget reaching for Gatorade (tooooo much sugar!) and instead reach for the Coconut Water.

2. Air Conditioner- keep it running on low fan to keep the air circulating. No air conditioner? Keep the windows open and get a fan to again, keep the air circulating!

3. Eat what's in season- what's in season is in season for a reason! Those juicy peaches and plums and strawberries are great sweet treats and deliciously refreshing!

4. Clothing- Wear light breathable clothes like in a cotton or hemp so you can get a nice breeze right through your clothes.

5. Bandana- (This one is from my amazing fiance, Tim!) Take a bandana or a wash cloth dip it in the coldest water you got and place it on an area of your body that has major arteries: i.e.: the back of your neck, top of your spine, your chest or your forehead.

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

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