Thursday, May 20, 2010

Living Simply

Wow- this month has been a whirlwind and I am so sad to say that the blog took a back seat for a few weeks there to packing, working, health coaching and transitions galore. But now as I start to settle into my new place which has no more boxes (yay!) and just a little bit more dog hair than usual (living with 2 dogs instead of 1 during springtime shed season is making me sneeze a bit) I am ready to get back to living....with just a few changes.
Spring is a great time to cleanse the body. It is na
ture's time in which we introduce cleansing foods like sprouts and when animals start to lose their excess hair (case and point above) to prepare for the warm summer months ahead. I had a unique opportunity as I was already in the state of cleansing by moving. I thought why just stop with the basics like clothes I don't wear regularly anymore.
I decided to widen the scope a bit and check out what else I should be shedding from my life. It started with cleaning products. I started to check out the labels (I am now a chronic label reader in every sense!) of the cleaning products that I have been using for years and realized that I have been cleaning with very toxic chemicals that I actually want no where near my pets, family or myself for that matter. So when moving in I started to check out what was in other products I realized that I felt better about spending the little extra cash and not having to worry about ever calling poison control.

Some of the companies that I've been investing in are:

So while this blog had originally started out to conquer my fear of foods that were unfamiliar to me I have actually learned a lot more about how to make myself and most importantly KEEP myself and others around me healthy.

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