Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Health Histories, Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Recipes from You!

Happy Tuesday! While I am winding down my last few days at my non-profit arts management job I look forward to really diving into my next adventure!

I am going to be working with clients as of next week so if anyone would like to have a free health history with me please let me know! You can either post your interest here or email me at bellavitawellnessnyc@gmail.com

What is a health history you may ask. Well a health history takes no more than an hour and is a conversation between you and me about your lifestyle- things that it will include are what you eat, how you sleep and your work schedule as well as other things. After the consultation we can talk about setting up a personal program for you if you are interested in continuing to work with me.

I wanted to also thank all of you for your amazing support as I embark on this new career. From those of you who know me I have continued to hear how this makes perfect sense and you are so excited for me! Well I know quite a few of you out there who this training would make perfect sense for as well. If you have any interest in finding out the specifics of the program that I am currently attending or would like to enroll they are now taking registrations for the 2010/2011 class. Also a bonus is that you don't even have to be in New York as you can be a part of the Distance Learning program. Again if you are interested talk to me! Below is the Nutrition Guide created by the Institute. As you can see a lot plays into your general wellness and nutrition not just the food you are eating.

Since starting this blog I have received a lot of recipe suggestions so I would like to propose a new activity: If you post it, I'll try it! I am really trying to build up my culinary skills and cabinet supplies so give me a challenge- you'll get the credit for the recipe. Also more importantly make sure to post it on here so other people can try it as well!

Be well | Sleep often | Breathe deep | Drink water

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